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About us

The department is an integral and basic part of the college since the inception of the college in 2012. First year engineering is the foundation for all branches of engineering. A strong base can only bring a strong structure up. The Dept focuses on imparting scientific & technical knowledge in a manner that prepares the students to contribute effectively, intellectually and ethically as future citizen of engineering community to serve the society.

The department has a team of learned & experienced faculty in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Communication Skills.

The faculty conduct result improvement programme for weak students alongwith parent ‚Äď student counseling session. Best and intensive coaching is given to the students for achieving good results. The faculty uses various audio-visual aids effectively to make teaching interesting and productive.

The department has the following well- equipped laboratories;

  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Communication Skills Lab
  • Engineering Mechanics Lab
  • CAD Lab
  • Workshop- Fitting, Plumbing, Welding, Carpendtry, Smithy, M/C Shop
  • Electrical Engineering Lab


Overview Of FE Department


Year of EstablishmentIntakeDTE CodeAffiliated To
2012Mechanical Engineering : 60

Computer Engineering : 60

Civil Engineering : 60

6768Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.


Vision Of The Department

To serve the society, Industry and all Stakeholders through value added Quality Education.

Mission Of The Department

To serve the needs of society at large by establishing state-of-the-art Engineering, Management and Research Institute and impact attitude, knowledge and skills through quality education to develop Individual and teams with ability to think and analyze right values and self reliance.


  • Develop an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.
  • Develop an ability to communicate effectively and work efficiently in team.
  • Understand emerging trends in technologies and to work on modern techniques.
  • To cultivate values and ethics amongst students.
  • Overall personality development of the students.


As a result of these best practices and team efforts the Department of First Year Engineering  is showing good improvements in following aspects:

  • Improved quantitative and qualitative results.
  • Improved overall attendance and academic discipline among students.
  • Enhanced enthusiasm among students for their participation and involvement in organizing and participating in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Healthy, participative and most conducive environment to create and nurture students development and grooming to proceed on the right path on journey to be competent Engineers and individuals for tomorrow.

The best practices adapted by the Department can be highlighted as:

  • The qualitative teaching with adequate preparation for online, unit tests and university examinations.
  • Effective academic monitoring of students attendance, regularity, performance and overall behavior through proper counseling and individual attention by class teachers and parent teacher guardians.
  • Formation and conduct of various activities through readers club, cultural club, wall magazine and Techno Science Club.
  • To nurture personality traits through systematic planning and execution of YES!+ (Youth Empowerment and Skills) program for all first year students. Organization of guest lectures, workshops such as mind mapping, time management, stress management etc.
  • Effective interaction with parents and guardians on continual basis.

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Prof. Vishal Jadhav
FE Co-ordinator

Dear Prospective Engineers,

A hearty welcome to all the aspirant engineers to Applied Science and Humanities Department. It is a great privilege to introduce the basic subjects of engineering life which acts as the strong foundation for the development of an individual in all the branches of engineering right from First year level. This Department nurtures the students to increase their confidence level and prepares them to face the core engineering life. We believe in quality education, excellent grooming and one-to-one caring system. This is the practice followed that makes the student self-reliant to take over and successfully perform throughout the four years of their engineering. Apart from academics, Applied Science and Humanities Department gives an amicable environment to motivate the students to groom their creativity. It also enlightens their passion and leadership qualities for the versatile personality development.

Our good wishes to all.

Name: Mr.Vishal Jadhav
Designation:F E Coordinator
Qualification: ME
Specialization: Heat and Power
Experience-Teaching: 5.5 Years Industrial:- Nil
Contact No: 9028590891
Email Id.:
Prof Sangita N .GujarName: Prof Sangita N .Gujar
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification: ME
Specialization: VLSI & Embedded Systems
Experience-Teaching: 6 Years  
Contact No: 9011061539
Email Id.:
Prof. Kavita D UbaleName: Prof. Kavita D Ubale
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc, B.Ed,NET
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
Experience-Teaching: 5.5 years
Contact No: 8087690985
Email Id.:
Prof. Adinath Chandrakant BhorName: Prof. Adinath Chandrakant Bhor
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification: M. Tech
Specialization: Industrial Mathematics with computer application
Experience-Teaching: 7.5 Years Industrial:- Nil
Contact No: 9890966083
Email Id.:
Professor Shreya Vishal MarjeName: Prof. Shreya Vishal Marje
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification: ME(E &TC)
Specialization: VLSI & Embedded System
Experience-Teaching: 5.6 Years Industrial:- Nil
Contact No: 8485030290
Email Id.:
Prof. Runali R NeralkarName: Prof.Runali R Neralkar
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification: ME(Electrical)
Specialization: Electrical Power System
Experience-Teaching: 5.6 Years Industrial:- Nil
Contact No: 9967903439
(2018-2019) (FE)
11st     TOPPERKundukulangara Sneha
22nd   TOPPERKhadtar Shivani
33rd   TOPPERSonali Gaonkar
Sr. No.Name Of FacultyPostContactEmail ID
1Prof Vishal JadhavFE
2Prof.Kavita UbaleFE Class