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Under P K Technical Campus, Pune, the Department of Computer Engineering was established in 2012. The department aims to provide students the knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime. Following in the footsteps of P K Foundation to provide excellence in education, we impart academic knowledge, practical skills and leadership qualities that enable our students to grow in their professions and advance to better positions in the IT industry.

With a full proof action plan in place and the necessary resources for execution, we train and educate engineers of outstanding capabilities. For training purposes, Computer engineering department has  well equipped labs with latest software required for curriculum development. In degree program , we also conduct various seminars and workshops for students and staff.

Overview Of Computer Engineering Department

Year of EstablishmentIntakeDTE CodeAffiliated To
2012606768Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.


Vision of The Department

To create quality Computer profession through excellent Academic.

Mission of The Department

  • To empower students with fundamentals of Computer Engineering to be successful professional.
  • To impart quality education to enable the students for higher studies, research & entrepreneurship.
  • To cater for the service to society.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Graduates of the Programme will leverage Engineering fundamentals in their successful careers.
  • Graduates of the Programme will exhibit innovation and technological competence in computing all through their careers.
  • Graduates of the Programme will perform to the expectations of employers, explore the opportunities for higher studies and/or show the awareness of self-business challenges.
  • Graduates of the Programme will demonstrate ethical practices, lifelong learning with the awareness of needs of the society.


Program Outcomes (Po’s)

Students in the Programme will attain:

  • An ability to apply the knowledge of computing and mathematics to solve various problems.
  • An ability to analyze the problem and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.
  • An ability to design and develop a computer based system, process, components or program to meet desired needs.
  • An ability to use research based knowledge.
  • An ability to use current techniques and modern engineering tools necessary for computing practice.
  • An ability to analyze the impact of computing solutions with an understanding of social, ethical and environmental issues.
  • An ability to work effectively as an individual or as team member to communicate effectively with the range of audiences to achieve a common goal.
  • An ability to apply project management principles and practices.
  • An ability to recognize the need for and to engage in continual professional development.

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HOD Desk

Santosh S. Darawade, HOD

Santosh S. Darawade


Computer Engineering Dept


Welcome to Department of Computer Engineering, P. K. Technical Campus, Chakan, Pune.

The Department of Computer Engineering was established in year 2012. The department offers four year under graduate and Three years Diploma courses in computer engineering under Savitribai Phule Pune University & Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai.

Goal of department is to provide research with strong foundation and quality based education and to develop students abilities such as technical knowledge, positive thinking, social awareness and leadership qualities in order to cope up with industrial challenges in future. We are a dynamic and sophisticated Department that offers first-rate study opportunities in state-of-the-art areas within Computer Engineering.

The continued success of our graduate program depends on the high quality and relevance of research performed by our professors and graduate students which is proved by the research papers published by the faculty and students in various conferences

The department is having highly qualified, experienced & motivated faculty members. The students are encouraged to participate and volunteer various technical and non-technical events.

To develop students technical knowledge and skills department has well equipped modern-aids laboratories and classroom projection facilities along with this various workshops, seminars are arranged by department for development of students as well as for faculties.

Computer engineering department prides itself on its faculty-student interactions with the goal of creating exceptional students who will go out into the world equipped with the tools needed to be extraordinary engineers. Faculty members are readily available to students in the department for coursework, laboratory questions, and academic and project advising.

We believe in motivating students in all aspects to make them dynamic and extra-ordinary and wish to continue to this journey on a very long way.

I invite you to visit us by exploring our website and on campus

Darawade Santosh ShamraoName: DARAWADE SANTOSH SHAMRAO
Qualification: BE,ME
Experience: 7.5 Year
Contact No: 9975610644
Email Id.:
Dhage Vaibhav Narayanrao, assistant professorName: DHAGE VAIBHAV NARAYANRAO
Qualification: BE,ME
Specialization: IMAGE PROCESSING
Experience: 8 Year
Contact No: 9021293233
Email Id.:
Sonawane Supriya Suresh, assistant professorName: SONAWANE SUPRIYA SURESH
Qualification: BE,ME
Specialization: DATA MINING
Experience: 5.5
Contact No:
Email Id.:
Thorat Poonam BalshiramName: THORAT POONAM BALSHIRAM
Qualification: BE,ME
Specialization: MACHINE LEARNING
Experience: 5 Years
Contact No: 7709162961
Email Id.:
Suryavanshi Madhuri AmolName: SURYAVANSHI MADHURI AMOL
Qualification: BE,ME
Specialization: DATA MINING
Experience: 2 Year
Contact No: 9822720120
Email Id:
Mundade Ankita AshokName: MUNDADE ANKITA ASHOK
Qualification: BE,ME
Specialization: SOFTWARE TESTING
Experience: 3.5 Year
Contact No: 8485811894
Email Id.:
Bhujbal Swapnali Rajendra, assistant professorName: BHUJBAL SWAPNALI RAJENDRA
Qualification: BE,ME
Specialization: IMAGE PROCESSING
Experience: 2.5 Year
Contact No: 7719899080
Email Id:
Gupta VinodiniName: GUPTA VINODINI
Qualification: Ph.D (PURSUING), M.TECH, B.E.
Experience: 2 Year
Contact No: 9752114489
Email Id:
Tejas Tambe, Assistant ProfessorName: TEJAS TAMBE
Qualification:M.TECH(CSE), B.E(CSE).
Specialization: CYBER SECURITY
Experience: 1.5 Year
Contact No: 8412884549
Email Id:
                     Rank                 Name                 Year
                       1KANDGE ANUJA JALINDER                  BE
                       2SHINDE MAYURI DNYANESHWAR                  BE
                       3BORATE PRAGATI DASHRATH                  BE
                       1YADAV NILESH PANCHDEV                  TE
                       2IKHAR SHRUTI GUNWANT                  TE
                       3AGHAV PRATIBHA SHIVLAL                  TE
                       1KHAIRE PRATIKSHA MARUTI                  SE
                       2KORAKE PANDURANG MAHADEO                  SE
Sr. No.Name of FacultyDesignationContact NumberEmail id