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Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a Post Graduate Degree in Business Administration. We offer Two Years Full-time MBA Program affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University and approved by AICTE. The MBA program prepares a student for a domestics and global careers in diverse sectors of the industry.

This program facilitates learning in theory and practice of different functional areas of management and equips the students with an integrated approach to various functions of management. However, the demand for managerial skills is not limited to the industry. Managerial talent is much sought by the Government Sector, NGOs, non-corporate sector, and entrepreneurs as well.

Overview Of MBA Department

Year of EstablishmentIntakeDTE CodeAffiliated To
2011606768Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune.

Vision of The MBA Department

Developing excellence in academics and research to create globally competent and socially responsible managers & human being.

 Mission of The Department

To serve society at large by transforming students into confident, competent and ethical business professionals and entrepreneurs through value added innovative teaching, research and corporate exposure.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • To inculcate strong management fundamentals among students to become competent professionals in dynamic business scenario
  • To equip students with technical, analytical, behavioral and ethical skills so as to apply in real life situations
  • To instill Innovative & Creative Thinking so as to develop entrepreneurial mindset with Social responsibility

Program Outcomes (POs)

At the end of MBA Program student will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of functional areas of business management to solve complex and real life managerial problems.
  • Possess the skills required to integrate concepts from various disciplines to identify and develop business strategies.
  • Undertake business research, analyze information and make decisions in business management domain.
  • Work in teams and demonstrate their interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Exhibit the ability to listen, read and convey ideas with precision in both oral learning and written communication.
  • Generate business ideas and develop business plans.
  • Apply knowledge of Legal Aspects and Regulatory Framework of business.
  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of different business and research related software.

Have the ability and aptitude for independent self learning.

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HOD Desk

Prof. Avinash Hande, MBA HOD

Prof. Avinash Bhagwan Hande




PKTC- MBA… Where competent and confident professional are nurtured.¬†

Masters in Business Administration¬†is a specialized PG Course for the young graduates from different streams where they are nurtured into a dynamic, competent and job ready professionals. This course is a unique blend of “academic and industry orientations” for UG students.

PKTC MBA Department is established with the sole objective of transforming graduates into a confident, competent business professional and entrepreneurs. PKTC MBA believes in the four pillar philosophy i.e Academic Excellence, Research and innovation, Professional competence and Social Commitment and Industrial Institute Interaction.

Our Academic Excellence is supported by our well established academic planning and teaching pedagogy which is empirical and case based and strives towards achieving distinction. Student development is core for MBA Students. We provide well structured and industry needed skill based programs which are directed for enhancing student’s employability and proficiency.

We have strong industry institute interaction where we undertake efforts to bridge the gap between industry and institute by organizing regular guest lectures, industrial visit, industrial collaboration, hands on training imparted to students etc. We have well established infrastructure and experienced faculties which catalyzes the process student development and grooming.

 Dr. Sanjay Vasant Patankar, DirectorName: Dr. Sanjay Vasant Patankar
Designation: Director
Qualification: M.Com, MBA, MPM, LLB, Ph.D.
Specialisation: Finance
Experience: 25 Years
Contact No.: 8605071945
Email Id:
 Dr. Ajit Thite, Assistant professorName: Dr. Ajit Thite
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: B.A., MBA, Ph.D.
Specialisation: Finance
Experience: 12 Years
Contact No.: 9011333666
Email Id:
 Hande Avinash Bhagwan, MBA HODName: Hande Avinash Bhagwan
Designation: HOD
Qualification: B.A. M.B.A.
Specialization: Human Resource Management
Experience: 11.5    Industry:  0 years
Contact No: 7020563393
Email Id.:
AVINASH ARGADEName: Argade Avinash Suresh
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.SC. M.B.A.
Experience: 4 Years  Industry:  o Years
Specialization : Internation Business
Contact No: 9822167539
Email Id.:
VRUSHALI DHANFULEName: Prof. Dhanfule Vrushali Ashokrao
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.COM, MBA
Specialization : Finance
Experience: 4 Years    Industry:  o years
Contact No: 9960570763
Email Id.:
Rima AlhatName: Prof. Alhat Rima Nandkumar
Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: BCA, MBA
Specialization : Human Resource management
Experience: 3 Years
Email Id.:
 Prof. Niraj Chandrakant ChaudhariName: Prof. Niraj Chandrakant Chaudhari
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:BE (E & TC), MBA
Specialization: Operations & Marketing
Experience: 3 Years Industry: 3 Years
Contact No: 8600857070
Email Id.:
 Prof. Santosh Kisan RitheName: Prof. Santosh Kisan Rithe
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.COM, MBA
Specialisation: Finance
Experience: 1 Years Industry: 3 Years
Contact No.: 9850313839
Email Id:
Result Analysis-MBA-II
Academic Year: 2018-19           Batch: Р2017-19
Total Number of Students                                45
Total of Absent Students                                 0
Number of Students above 8 CGPA                                 8
Number of Students above 7 CGPA                                 23
Number of Students above 6 CGPA                                 1
Number of Students All Clear                                32
Number of Students Failed                                1
Result with All Clear                                71.11



Sr.NoName of StudentCGPA (Percentage)
1Borchate Trupti Dipak            8.50
2Clinton Luis Fernandes            8.17
3Zodage Amol Dipaks            8.11
Ph.D. Pursuing Faculty:
1)Prof. Avinash Hande
2)Prof. Avinash Argade
3)Prof. Niraj Chaudhari
Sr. No.Name of facultyQualification &


Research areaContact id
5Prof. Niraj Chandrakant ChaudhariBE (E & TC), MBAOperations &
6Prof. Santosh Kisan RitheB.COM,